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Products Overview

West Michigan Molding manufactures parts for:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Sports/Recreation

West Michigan Molding Products

Manufacturing Process and Capabilities Overview

West Michigan Molding manufacturing capabilities include 49 injection molding machines ranging from 33 ton to 1800 tons. Most of these machines utilize robotic part removers. The decorating and finishing area offers robotic spray painting of both waterborne and solvent based paint, pad printing, roller and vertical hot stamping, sonic welding, heat staking, and assembly. During the manufacturing process parts travel safely to their destination along a conveyor line stretching over 1/2 mile long. Each part is carefully tested and verified to meet customers quality and safety expectations using state of the art verification equipment.


West Michigan Molding uses state of the art automation equipment on its molding machines. This automation provides a value-added service to our customers. West Michigan Molding has the capability to mold, degate, align parts, advance parts forward, pad print and pack all with one quality assurance operator.


Typical Cell Layout

Typical Cell Design/Layout

Each Machine Cell is designed with productivity and quality in mind.

A Cell Layout includes:

  • Operator Instructions
  • Control Plans
  • Packaging Information
  • Work Station Layout Sheet
  • Signed Off Quality Standards
  • Machine Settings
  • Tool Water Flow Diagram
  • Robot Settings

Painting Process

After a part has been molded and requires paint, it goes on a conveyor line where it is taken to the paint department. The paint department consists of hand spraying booths and robotic painting booths. The robot spray booths use a three station Thierica reciprocation sprayer. The painted parts are then conveyed through a gas fired infrared oven before they arrive in the inspection and packaging area.

Painting Process

Pad Printing

Pad Printing and Hot Stamping Process

Molded parts that require decorating are either Hot Stamped by use of a vertical or horizontal hot stamp machine or they are Pad Printed in a climate controlled room with state of the art pad printing equipment.

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West Michigan Molding is also a manufacturer of Delineators, Lean Angles. and Nursery Products.

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